60 minutes   68,-
90 minutes 100,-
120 minutes 120,-




Lomi Lomi Nui


… has its origins in the traditional Hawaiian healing art.                                                            
The principles of the Huna teachings represent the fundamental elements of this holistic treatment.

Lomi can also be understood as a healing ritual.

Flowing strokes, which can significantly vary in their strength, stretching, passive movement and joint therapy are the basis for the creation of an empathetic atmosphere in which all elements are playfully connected.

2-Hands     90 minutes  100,-
4-Hands     90 minutes  160,-


Thai Nuad


… also known as Thai Yoga, Thai Massage, Nuad or “Passive Yoga” is a traditional energetic bodywork, which is still firmly rooted in Thai medicine.
Acupressure, meridian work, stretching and passive yoga exercises are the essential aspects of this holistic treatment technique.

If you wish to have a massage, wear loose and comfortable clothes.

120 minutes  120,-

Planetary Bodywork


… originated in California and passed through Switzerland before reaching Austria.
Planetary Massage (bodywork) may be a partial or full body treatment during which the client is offered a careful verbal and nonverbal reflection.

The client has the possibility to move, to change his/her position and thus indulge in his/her spontaneous impulses.
Active and conscious breathing is also an important detail of the planetary massage.

The treatment focuses on a respectful space that is created by being allowed to break out of the usual behavioral patterns in a playfully way.

90 minutes  100,-     Abstandhalter

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