In early 2007, I immersed myself in the far-reaching world of massage.
This immersion represented both a professional change and the beginning of a personal journey.

In addition to enriching my technical knowledge and skills, the trainings I have been taking since then have also revealed new aspects that establish a bond between patient, therapist and the unseen that goes far beyond the mere body made of muscles and tendons.

In my seventeen years of practice, some important aspects in the field of massage therapy have become increasingly essential for me: views, insights, and characteristics that I have obtained from personal and immediate experience both as a therapist and as a client.

I consider the following points as essential elements for an attentive and sensitive treatment in a respectful and secure environment.
An endless space in which there is time for inspiration, presence and small details.


  • 2007 Wellness masseur
  • 2008 Medical masseur
  • 2009 Lomi Lomi Nui practitioner
  • 2010 Thai Yoga practitioner
  • 2010 Massage therapist
  • 2010 Californian massage 
  • 2012 Teaching license for massage therapists
  • 2014 Hang loose
  • 2015 Planetary Massage & Bodywork
  • …Open end…